Centrifuge Rental Systems

RPM Rental Services division focuses on solids control equipment rental and services. We specialize in supplying the highest quality solids control rental equipment and services for oil and gas drilling, environmental and industrial projects, mining operations, municipal waste water applications and rendering processes. Our centrifuges are maintained to OEM specifications and undergo a stringent quality control testing before job placement. All machines are skid packaged allowing for rapid rig-up, plug & play design and small environmental site foot print.

Our outstanding centrifuge rentals capabilities are characterized by:

  • High G’ Centrifuges
  • Telescoping Centrifuge Stands
  • Low G’ Centrifuges
  • Skid Mounted Pumps
  • Fixed & Variable Speed
  • Vertical Cutting Dryers
  • Complete Skid Mounted Systems
  • Open Top Tanks
  • Customized to each application
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Field Service
  • Machine Exchange Programs
  • Shop & Field Balancing
  • ISO Shop Repairs
  • Shop Testing

RPM Services is committed 24/7 to fulfilling your centrifuge equipment rental and service requirements.
Our experienced and dedicated personnel will provide you with highest quality equipment and innovative services. Equipment is repaired to “API Specifications”. We are your trusted partner every step of the way, delivering loyal customer support that requires to build the future.